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We figured out the basics so you don’t have to

Ignite simplifies the design process with pre-built components, a Figma UI kit and Drupal documentation. With a customizable Storybook and full documentation, Ignite makes designing more efficient. The basics are already taken care of, leaving more time for creativity.

What's included

Complete starter pack

Ignite sets designers and developers up for successful collaboration. Start with our pre-built components and customize them to fit your needs. We think of it as a jumpstart to your own team’s creativity.


30+ pre-built base site elements

These pieces make up the foundational basics of the site — think buttons, the footer or breadcrumbs.

16 pre-built editorial components

These are components site editors can drag and drop to build new pages, such as body copy or a carousel.

Figma UI kit

Our Figma community file has all the base elements and editorial components for designers to start styling and using to build site pages.

Drupal back-end documentation

This documentation provides guidance for developers to create and maintain an Ignite-powered website on Drupal.

Customizable Storybook instance

With our existing Storybook setup, developers are able to re-style and test UI components for use on your site.

Documentation for designers and developers

We’ve created documentation to make all parts of Ignite easy and straightforward to get started with.
A hand holds a digital stylus and draws on a tablet
Design from the round-Up

Comprehensive UI kit

Our Figma UI kit gives designers a jumping off point from which they can style components to their hearts’ content.

A woman sits at a computer
Seamless Editorial Experience

Smooth content editing post-launch

After install, anyone on your team can easily create new pages and update existing ones, even if they have no development experience.

Typography and colors scales

Built for accessibility

Out of the box, our solution meets WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility guidelines.