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Expandable Design System

All the pieces you need to kickstart your site

Use our customizable design system as a foundation and expand from there to meet your organization’s needs.

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Get Started Fast

Our tried-and-true design system takes care of the basics

Ignite’s pre-designed and pre-built components allow you to shortcut the boring parts of site development and focus on making your site stand out.

The Ignite Design System includes a Figma UI kit, Storybook setup and Drupal documentation for consistent, high-quality site building.

The Whole Package

What’s included

Frequently Asked Questions

Ignite comes with 16 pre-built editorial components, 36 pre-built base site elements, a Figma UI kit for all components, Drupal back-end documentation and a customizable Storybook instance.

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Anything and everything in Ignite is customizable. In fact, that’s the whole point. Ignite provides a foundation that can be changed and added to. If you need more components beyond what we’ve provided, just add them. With Ignite, we created the basics so you can focus on making your site unique.

Ignite is currently built for Drupal (with more CMS platforms coming soon), but you can use the Figma UI kit and Storybook front-end as a foundation for any site, no matter what CMS you’re using.

Designers will need a Figma account to access and edit the UI kit. On the development side, you will need access to Drupal and Storybook, which are both Open Source and free.

Yes, Ignite meets WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility guidelines.

Of course. Check out how Ignite can be used across different kinds of sites.

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